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  • How much time does shipping takes?
    Shipping times depend on your location. Here are couple of examples. For Europe it is between 3 - 5 business days. For USA it takes between 7-10 business days. Each order will be sent with tracking number so you can trace it anytime.
  • How much time does it takes do create one decor?
    We are a small team but are very experienced and our aim is to craft each order within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Is sunlight required?
    No need of sunlight is required to maintain the moss.
  • Does it require watering?
    No, the moss absorbs and provides moisture and acts as a natural regulator. It keeps the humidity level between 40% - 60%.
  • What to do if the room is very dry and the moss becomes stiff?
    It is only necessary to take it to the bathroom for 30 minutes, or if it is a panel on the wall, just wait for the moisture in the room to rise and the moss will become soft and fluffy again.
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